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The History

In 1919, in Mondovi', in a room in the rear of a tavern, a small firm making fresh pasta and home-made patisserie was started by a very ambitious and hard-working man: Mario Michelis.

Soon, the products were well received by the customers who, though few, were a source of satisfaction for Mr Michelis.

In less than 5 years the former tavern became a big 200 square meter handicraft factory, with a daily production of an average 100 Kilos.

Unfortunately, the 2nd World War held back the development of a number of production lines and also Mr Michelis' business came to a stand-still. The actual re-birth of the factory trading came after 1945, building new facilities and creating a local distribution network limited to the Monregalese area and surrounding towns, which offered more employment. In 1962 the factory, which was in continuous growth, was passed over to Mr Michelis' son Egidio, who had always shown an interest in this sector. Therefore, following his father's footsteps based on the research of product quality, he opened a new selling base in Loano, in the province of Savona.

The continuous technical improvements kept Mr Egidio ahead in his field, always ready to modernise the factory, to stay in the forefront and to operate in a competitive market.

In 1974, the market demand new products from the factory. Alongside the traditional maize biscuits and jam tarts, he started producing cakes made with hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and chestnuts, following the old recipes.

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This new production line starts the "Michelis dolciaria" (Michelis patisserie). The products were an immediate success. Amplifying the production more, meant increasing staff, so Mr Egidio moved into a bigger factory. The distribution network notably increased in the province of Cuneo. In 1985 Mr Egidio's goal was to reach a bigger selling market with high quality fresh products and focusing on longer product preservation. This is when Mr Egidio launched a new frozen food line, called "Michelis sotto la neve" (Michelis under the snow).

In 1997 Mr Michelis decided to challenge another market goal, by making investments and focusing on the packing under protective atmosphere, combining the home-made production technique with the ultra-modern packaging, completely natural and without using any preservatives or chemical agents.

Moreover, the production line followed higher sanitation and hygiene rules, superior to the food products law.

In 1999, from an idea born to preserve and exploit the true "Paste di Meliga" tradition, an association was created, called "Consorzio per la tutela e la valorizzazione delle Paste di Meliga del Monregalese" (Association for the protection and the development of the Maize Biscuits of the Monregalese region), a project which was founded with the help of Mr Michelis.

The trade mark "Paste di Meliga", defines biscuits which are made with fresh eggs, high quality butter and locally ground flour.

The main ingredient, maize, of the "Ottofile" (Eight lines) variety, comes from a cultivation strictly controlled by the "Consorzio", following the agreement with the "Coldiretti", which follows the stages of the maize growth. The agreement between Michelis and the stone mill, allows the entire process to follow a direct line from the mill to the customers.

Today, in the Michelis factory, certified by the EC law n° IT 9-733/L, the new goal already underway, is to trace out the origin of all the raw materials and the ingredients.

By means of the CSQA association, Michelis is the first fresh pasta firm in Italy which has received the UNI 11020 agro industrial certificate (the production process control and the origin of all the raw materials).

The firm has now been passed onto Mr Egidio's two sons and daughter who, following in their grandfather's and father's footsteps aim to satisfy the demands of the selling market and continue to maintain a good relationship with the people who count most: the customers.


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