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Maize Biscuits of the Monregalese Area

Logo Consorzio paste di meligaIn 2000, from an idea born to preserve and exploit the true and traditional "PASTE DI MELIGA" (Maize biscuits), an association from the Monregalese area was created, called "Consorzio".

The trade mark "PASTE DI MELIGA DEL MONREGALESE" defines biscuits which are made with sugar, fresh eggs, high quality butter and locally ground flours. Natural flavourings or honey can be added according to the producer's pleasure, to distinguish his biscuits as his own.

The main ingredient, MAIZE, of the "OTTOFILE" (Eight lines) variety, comes from a cultivation strictly controlled by the "Consorzio", according to the agreement with the "Coldiretti", which follows the stages of the maize growth, in order to guarantee the cultivations' quality.

The agreement with a stone mill allows the entire production process, preserving the characteristics of the delicate "OTTOFILE" grains, so you can taste the crunchy biscuit mixture, made with maize flour.

The butter used for the biscuits is entirely made with milk which comes from cowsheds of the Cuneo area or the Monregalese area.

The eggs are fresh, with the shell, for the law does not allow the use of pasteurized eggs. Since a few months, the eggs used come from open-air chicken farms, in one word: biological.

Moreover, all chemical flavourings have been replaced with natural flavourings, such as vanilla and lemon rind.

The strict monitoring of the raw materials origin, allows to follow a direct line from the mill to the consumers, who appreciate a traditional and genuine product: our "PASTE DI MELIGA DEL MONREGALESE".


"OTTOFILE" (eight lines) maize

Mais 8 fileThis old local variety of maize, also called 'of the King', is made of eight lengthwise lines of orange grain. Due to its low production per hectare, it is not cultivated very much and has almost disappeared from our fields. Actually, the sixteen lines of ears of corn, cultivated with imported American seeds, although lower quality, give a good production and, if genetically modified, they guarantee a good harvest.

The decision to use "Ottofile" maize, with its special quality, taste and fragrance, follows our agreement with the Coldiretti and a few farmers who believe in the old, genuine and traditional Piedmontese values, and who have agreed to plant a regular quantity of this maize in a few fields in the Monregalese area. Our firm has become a strong supporter of the project of "Ottofile" maize cultivation and together with another producer of "Paste di Meliga del Monregalese" (Maize biscuits of the Monregalese area) we are personally following the growth of the "Ottofile" maize in our private field.

The cultivated maize is then ground in a stone mill, a natural means which preserves its quality characteristics.

In some areas it is also called 'Maize of the King', for it was used to make pasta and "polenta", which were particularly appreciated by King Vittorio Emanuele 2nd, know to be a gourmet of natural and genuine food, as well as game.


The Monregalese Area

Il moregaleseMondovi' is a nice town which territory spreads in many directions: from the old town centre of Piazza in the upper part of the town, to the low neighbourhoods of Carassone, Breo, Rinchiuso, Pian della Valle and Borgato, and far North to the new neighbourhood of Altipiano, which means 'medium altitude' between the hill of Piazza and the other neighbourhoods.

Mondovi' was founded in 1198 by few residents from Vico.

Although they obtained a number of favours from the bishop of Asti, their Lord, they wanted to be free from his Kingdom, so together with other small enslaved villages, they moved to a hill which they called royal.

The people who live in Mondovi' are called Monregalesi, and the area were Mondovi' was founded and spread, it is called Monregalese.

"Its borders extend more or less to the river Pesio, passing along the river Gesso and the river Stura on the West side and along the mountains summits on the East side, beyond the river Corsaglia and its feeder river Casotto; it is then closed at midday by the highest summits of the Marittime Alps and between the East side and midnight, it borders with the river Tanaro, where it meets with the river Corsaglia and the river Stura". (Quotation from the book "Storia di Mondovì" by Prof. Amedeo Michelotti).


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