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Linea pasta fresca artigianaleHandicraft fresh pasta of Mondovì: is our standard fresh pasta line, which has the certificate of the CSQA association. Our fresh pasta is made combining old homemade recipes and traditional recipes. The flavour of our fresh pasta is a success among the most attentive customers. This line is produced for delicatessen, fresh pasta shops, typical restaurants and all the people who appreciate delicate food. The naturally dried "tagliolini" with eggs, which are included in this line, are delicious simply with butter and the white truffle of Alba.


La linea famiglia della pastaThe pasta family: this is a fresh pasta line for families and the large-scale retail trade. Its high quality ingredients and unique flavour distinguish it from other fresh pastas on the market. You can appreciate its flavour during a meal with friends or important occasions.




La linea sotto la neveMichelis under the snow: it is one of the latest ideas of the Michelis firm. A line of frozen pasta produced following the production process of the standard fresh pasta, but instead of being packed straight after the pasteurization, it has a temperature "demolition", which freezes the pasta without modifying any ingredients or flavours. This line is perfect for restaurants, canteens and people who want to eat it any time.


Linea specialità artigianali di MondovìHandicraft specialities of Mondovì: Michelis is glad to present one of the lines which it is most proud of: the patisserie line. An ensemble of unique flavours and recipes for gourmets. Soft and sweet-smelling Piedmontese hazelnut cakes with the PGI certificate, nourishing and delicious fruit tarts made with selected jams and the "Paste di Meliga del Monregalese" (maize biscuits of the Monregalese area), made with unique ingredients, such as the "ottofile" (eight lines) flour, ground in a stone mill.

Only few products, but made with extreme care to fill with pleasure a meal with relatives or friends.


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