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The quality system verde Michelis (Green Michelis)

Logo sistema qualità MichelisQualified and professional staff work in the firm of Michelis Egidio. Headed by a very competent biologist, the staff control the raw materials’ quality and the production processes. Today, Michelis Egidio is the first workshop, which produces fresh pasta and patisserie, to have obtained the CSQA certificate of the raw materials’ origin. (UNI 11020: 02 origin in the agro industrial firms). All products have a lot and barcode which, by means of a data processing system, trace back in real time, not only the final products, but also their raw materials.

Verde Michelis is the guarantee trademark which distinguishes the internal quality system Michelis Egidio. By means of this tested protocol, refined by our group of experts, we can reach the objective of total quality.



Weighing system and metal detector

To increase the quality level of the products further, Michelis has created a special control system line, so that only the best packets go on the market.

An internal staff of professionals check all the production and packaging processes, as well as the cleaning and the disinfection of the production rooms. At the end of the packer there is a weight sorter, that is, a control system for the weighing of the packets. The weighing systems are made according to OIML R 51, FDA and HACCP regulations. There are also approved to provide all necessary information to a firm which works following a strict quality process. The electronic self-testing, the self-testing system, a non-stop automatic auto tare system, is able to select and obtain the packets with their correct pre-established weight. After checking the weight, the packet moves onto a conveyer belt and enters a multifrequency metal detector tunnel. The digital two-dimensional image system and the automatic calibration is able to detect any metal residues and, if so, by means of a pneumatic ejector, it eliminates the non suitable packet.

Sistema di pesatura e metal detector

Even in this production phase, following its objective to become the leader in the food production market, Michelis has found a way to improve some, often neglected, but very important aspects for those who want to provide customers with only the best products.


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